CBD-Infused ORS Drink Sticks (6pk)

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Backed by decades of hydration science, HydroCanna's ORS Drink Sticks follow strict product requirements for oral rehydration solutions as outlined by the World Health Organization to provide consumers with medical grade hydration on the go.  HydroCanna's ORS drink stick formula contains scientifically backed ratios which have been shown to rehydrate at the same efficiency level as traditional IV drips.

With a 25 mg Nano CBD-infusion, HydroCanna ORS Sticks aid by:

  • reducing muscle pain and inflammation
  • improving nerve functionality
  • promoting a sense of wellbeing
  • reducing anxiety
  • Combating a variety of physical symptoms commonly attributed to dehydration such as nausea, headaches and general discomfort.

Nano emulsification improves absorbability of CBD up to 10x when compared to traditional CBD product sources*.

HydroCanna Stick Highlights:

  • 3 to 1 Sodium to Potassium Ratio
  • Vitamin and Wellness Blend
  • 5 major electrolytes
  • Completely THC Free
  • Compliant with USADA and WADA guidelines.
  •  9gm dry stick powder (lemon lime flavor) to be mixed in 16-20ozs of water.
  • Sold in 6 pack bundles
  • Portable, easy to travel with in your pocket, gym back, purse or backpack.
  • TSA compliant for worry free travel 

HydroCanna's ORS Solution line makes for the perfect post workout recovery tool, after alcohol aid or general wellness beverage option