Hydration and Recovery Reinvented


Hydration and Nutrition for the Modern World

HydroCanna products combine the restorative power of CBD with superior nutrient profiles to aid your active lifestyle.

Hydrate Holistic

HydroCanna's unique line of holistic hydration formulas provide superior cellular hydration while combating a variety of  physical symptoms commonly attributed to dehydration.

HydroCanna’s special ORS blend of Vitamins, Electrolytes and Nano CBD provides hydration that you can truly feel. Making for the perfect post workout recovery tool, after alcohol aid or general wellness beverage.

Scientifically Formulated, Scientifically Proven

Backed by decades of hydration science, our ORS products follow strict requirements for oral rehydration solutions set by the World Health Organization to provide consumers with medical grade hydration to combat extreme dehydration.

These powerful cbd infused formulas contain ratios shown to rehydrate as effectively as standard IV treatments providing fast relief for your worst dehydration symptoms.

HydroCanna's Vitamin Wellness Blend focuses on nutrients most commonly lost during dehydration, excessive sweating and alcohol consumption, helping users to recover faster than water alone.

Setting the Standard for CBD

Taylor Rice @taybaefit

HydroCanna Wellness Partner

Fitness Competitor, Lifestyle Influencer, Model

               2019 Arnold Model Search Winner.                

“As a former Divison 1 athlete I love staying active and I constantly try to better myself both physically and mentally.  Hydrocanna products have significantly improved my ability to stay focused and relax in my daily life, and when training for competitions.

I take what I put into my body very seriously and that is exactly why I trust and appreciate Hydrocanna! Everything I need to know about their CBD products are listed on their packaging so there is no second guessing. Understanding the CBD world is now simplified!”